If you are searching for a high professional class partner that takes over your workload of the accounting department, human resources and salaries, that offers you the necessary consultancy for the flourishing of your business, than we are the solution.


We are an accounting, accounting expertise, financial, and fiscal consultancy company.

Member of CECCAR since 2004, our society is led in its activity by the essential principles of the accounting profession, that are: integrity, independence, objectivity and most of all, competence.
Our settled objective is to offer services in accounting, human resources, fiscal and financial consultancy at the highest standards of professionalism.
Our young and dynamic team has helped us reach our settled objective: we exclusively offer quality services to our clients.
The highly dynamic growth of our clients’ portfolio confirms our professional competence and quality of any service offered by our company.
We address to small and middle companies, as well as to large companies from any field of activity.

We offer our clients personalized services within a permanent interactive communication.
Our team is the core of our society consisting of economists with a large experience, fiscal consultants, evaluators, authorized accountants, expert accountants and probationer accountants organized in such a manner that they always raise to current exigencies.
We collaborate with a series of partners in different domains: calculation techniques, commercial law, audit etc.
We offer quality services at European standards.

You can try us and you will be pleased by our expertise, promptness, security and seriousness that we put forth as well as by the flexibility with which we meet our clients’ needs.
Elaboration of annual fiscal situations, accounting verification for the elaboration of annual fiscal situations, avoidance of errors in the balance sheet elaboration, analysis of the annual fiscal situations, basic accounting of sales and justificatory basic documents that you respect the legal requirements concerning liquidity, which are the fiscal deductible expenses…
…These are only a couple of problems that you have to face in your activity.

Our team of experts in accounting and fiscal consultancy absolves you from all the effort by offering you bookkeeping and other solutions at key.
We will permanently and rigorously supervise for avoidance of any error which arise from rush, ignorance, lack of information or professionalism.
We will assume the precision of your company’s accounting.
We will keep ourselves updated on the current legal regulations in the accounting field and we will apply them thoroughly in the management accounting of your company.

SC CONTAFISCAL BERATUNG SRL was founded on the following principles:

  • To represent an alternative to the offer of large accounting companies
  • To offer professional accounting services
  • To offer our clients additional value through our services by providing them advice before the advent of problems
  • To respect the financial-accounting legislation
  • To be well informed about the new fiscal regulations
  • To offer our partners professional financial answers that would correspond to every requirements through different reports and complex situations in the financial-accounting and fiscal field that we can offer
  • To contribute through the accumulated knowledge and expertise to the financial success of our partners
  • To meet the private needs of our client
  • Our client is to benefit from the advantage of a complete and accurate accountancy
  • Our client is to be able to avoid excessive taxation by exploiting the current fiscal facilities for a better boost of profit
  • Our client is to be informed of: the main sanctions of the fiscal legislation and their quantum, VAT-free operations, procurement of VAT reimbursement, incomes from tax-free salaries, obligations of the employers concerning calculation, retention and giro of taxes. Our customer will always be prepared for tax audit.

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    Address:Calea Dorobantilor nr.14-16, Building Cluj City Center